High-Paying Jobs That Only Require an Associate’s Degree

High-Paying Jobs That Only Require an Associate’s Degree

There is a common misconception that jobs with associate’s degrees are not financially rewarding. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. There are plenty of good-paying jobs that just require an associate’s degrees in the U.S. (some pay more than others), alongside many job opportunities especially in the fields of technology, engineering, healthcare, skilled labor, aerospace, and more. 

An associate degree is a sensible choice particularly for people who need or want to start working sooner. Most associate degrees take two years to complete, or even less if you take summer classes. The benefits of getting an associate’s degree include affordability, convenience, flexibility, and.getting high-paying jobs with an associate degree. 

In terms of flexibility, many associate degree programs offer classes online, on weekends, or in the evening. Wage-wise, some of the best associate degree jobs pay even better than some bachelor’s degree jobs (e.g. an air traffic controller earns more (nearly $ 123,000 per year) than an art director who is required to have a bachelor’s degree ($94,000 per year)).

Compared to a bachelor’s degree, which typically takes four years to complete, an associate degree is undeniably more convenient, allowing for a lot faster education. Also, associate’s degree tuition and other fees are more affordable than those for a bachelor’s degree. 

For instance, the costs associated with attending a public 2-year in-district school are $3,440 per year, but if you qualify for financial aid, the net price will be lower. However, you will also have to pay for food, housing, transportation, supplies, and books.

The best two-year degrees are Associate in Applied Science (AAS) programs such as web development and design, respiratory care, radiation therapy, nursing, and more. Other associate degree types include Associate in Science (AS) and Associate in Arts (AA). 

Using the latest occupational data published by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), we’ve put together a list of the highest paying associate degree jobs to help you make an informed education decision. It’s worth noting that most of these top-paying jobs with an associate’s degree involve short-, medium- or long-term on-the-job training. It’s best to choose one of the highest paying associate degrees that would be satisfying to you.

Computer Network Support Specialist 

Average Wage: $54,760

Number of Jobs:882,300

Job Growth: 8% (a lot faster than average) 

One of the best 2-year degree jobs, because computer support is vital for any type of business, allowing for many different paths As businesses continually upgrade their software and hardware, the demand for these specialists is on the rise. Most of them work full-time in various organizations, but because 24/7 support is needed, night and weekend hours are common.

Occupational Therapy Assistant and Aide 

Average Wage: $59,200 per year 

Number of Jobs: 55,100

Job Growth: 32% (a lot faster than average)

One of the associate degrees that pay well, occupational therapy assistant involves helping people maintain the abilities necessary for activities of daily living (ADL), as well as helping people recover from a physical illness and encouraging children with developmental issues to take part in specific play activities. 

An associate degree from an accredited occupational therapy assistant program is needed in order to be able to work as an occupational therapy assistant or aide.

Respiratory Therapist 

Average Wage: $61,330 per year 

Number of Jobs: 135,800

Job Growth: 19% (a lot faster than average)

Respiratory therapists examine and provide care for people of all ages, from newborn to the elderly who suffer from breathing issues due to a wide range of conditions, both acute and chronic ones, such as pneumonia, emphysema, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, asthma, etc. 

They are licensed in all states except Alaska and work full time, including weekend and night hours. Due to the current public health problem, demand for these healthcare professionals is on the rise.

Aircraft and Avionics Equipment Mechanic

Average Wage: $64,310

Number of Jobs: 160,000

Job Growth: 5% (faster than average) 

These professionals typically attend a Federal Aviation Administration-approved avionics technician school, receive on-the-job training or acquire the necessary skills in the military. The work environment which includes airfields, aircraft repair stations, and hangars is typically very loud. This profession involves carrying out scheduled maintenance or repair work on aircraft.

Aerospace Engineering Technician 

Average Wage: $66,000

Number of Jobs: 11,900

Job Growth: 7% (a lot faster than average)

This is also among 2-year degree jobs in demand, especially in the technical and scientific services industry. This occupation involves operating and maintaining equipment used for designing, testing, and manufacturing new aircraft. Some of these professionals can be exposed to toxic materials.

Web Developer

Average wage: $73,760 per year

Number of Jobs: 174,300

Job Growth: 8% (a lot faster than average)

A web developer’s role is essentially to design websites, which is why both graphic design and programming skills are required. In addition to constructing the layout of a website, web developers also ensure the website is functional on web browsers. Web developer is among 2-year degree jobs in demand, because we do live in a digital era, and having a well-designed website goes a long way. Generally, no on-the-job training is required.

Dental Hygienist

Average wage: $75,220

Number of Jobs:226,400

Job Growth: 6% (faster than average)

Dental hygienists provide preventative dental care services, take dental radiographs, assess patients’ oral health, assist the dentists, and perform dental procedures such as scaling and polishing teeth, applying sealants, and more. Associate degree dental hygiene programs typically take 3 years to complete. All states require dental hygienists to be licensed. It’s worth noting that most of them work part-time.

Nuclear Medicine Technologist 

Average Wage: $77,950

Number of Jobs: 18,500

Job Growth: 5% (faster than average)

Nuclear medicine technologist is one of the highest paying associate degree jobs. This profession involves preparing and administering radioactive drugs (traced via diagnostic scans) to patients with cancer, heart disease, or other conditions, for therapeutic or nuclear imaging purposes. Most of these healthcare professionals work full time in imaging clinics, and diagnostic labs, and most of them become certified. hospitals.

Radiation Therapist 

Average Wage: $85,560 per year 

Number of Jobs: 18,500

Job Growth: 7% (faster than average)

A radiation therapist administers radiation treatments to patients who suffer from cancer and uses radiation to diagnose various lung and bone conditions. Most radiation therapists work full-time in hospitals, outpatient centers, physician’s offices, and more. 

Radiation therapist is among 2-year degree jobs in demand, with 18,500 jobs currently available across the US. Advances in radiation therapies and the aging population have led to an increased demand for radiation therapists. 

Air Traffic Controller

Average wage: $122,990 per year 

Number of Jobs: 24,300

Job Growth: 1% (slower than average)

Air traffic controller is the highest paying associate degree job, but it is also one of the most demanding and challenging jobs, requiring maximum concentration every split second. That’s because the lives of possibly millions of people are in the hands of air traffic controllers, who are primarily concerned with safety, but also monitoring and directing aircraft to prevent delays. Rotating, weekend, and night shifts are common and on-the-job training is required. 

Air traffic controllers can also voluntarily retire earlier. According to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), special provisions apply to air traffic controllers for earlier retirement if certain criteria are met.

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