Fortune 500 Companies With the Most Job Openings

Fortune 500 Companies With the Most Job Openings

With the global pandemic running amok in the United States as well as many other countries, we have been forced to go into consistent lockdown. It can be depressing to get laid off, or only be able to work at home because that’s what the government has told you to do. But when there are unfortunate times like this, that means there are also opportunities for work. Even if you’re someone who has lost their job recently, you can probably get a job as long as you have new skills. Even if you got fired from a job that you love, there were surely aspects of it that you didn’t like. 

With this situation, a lot of these jobs will let you work from home and set the rules yourself. No more short lunch breaks where you never had a chance of being able to finish your meal or deal with hearing your co-workers conversations that don’t add anything productive to the work environment. The job opening in this article is going to be from big companies that have a name in their industry that’s very distinct. This means if you do well during this pandemic, you can probably get a higher paying position once things open back up.


Having car insurance in the United States is really important due to a lot of factors but it’s generally just a responsible thing to have ready. Every day is a chance to get in an accident or some part of the car to break and you have to be prepared. Cars also vary dramatically in terms of price and availability of parts and the engineers who can work on them. Obviously, a Rolls Royce is going to need more money to fix than a Toyota Corolla. Which is why clients need the fairest rates possible.

Statefarm is currently hiring agents to work with clients who want to be able to get the best insurance possible. With determining an accurate price for what they are going to pay, so many factors are required. “What is their age? Do they have any conditions impacts their driving? Do they have any DUIs or accidents on their record? What is their criminal history?” All of these are things you need to know as the agent working for Statefarm. A lot of car shopping is done online, so logically, you are going to be able to work from home with your clients who need insurance.


Hasbro is currently hiring people to be financial analysts which is incredibly important for maintaining success at any company. You have more than likely bought toys from this company when you were a child. What Hasbro does is get licensing rights from entertainment IPs and make toys off of them. One of the reasons why they’ve been able to stay in the industry so long is their ability to adapt and know what the kids want. With social media, it’s not only easy to advertise but also use that for research on what the kids actually want to play with.

On franchises that Hasbro gets the licenses to, some franchises are going to be more popular than others. Your job as a financial analyst is to look at your earnings for Hasbro’s products look as good as possible. You are going to be speaking with investors, so you need to make the performance of the company look as good as possible to convince them that you are worth their money. You also have to speak with some of the investors in the company. Some products are going to do better than others and you should notify them what will get them profits as well as make them lose money.

DataLab USA

DataLab USA is currently looking for a python developer for their company. Knowing how to program is a very common skill for people who want to for Apple or Microsoft, but not every area is able to get them. Everyone in a large group of countries has a phone in their pockets that they run apps on. They more than likely wouldn’t be able to get through their days if they didn’t have them. Most companies who want to become bigger and connect with people need apps to connect with their current userbase or people who may be interested in the company.

Generally, a lot of the time, the Python developer is just going to be uploading information to the app as well as give updates. No app is perfect when it goes to the app store or Google play. This job will also require you to communicate with the people who are at those online stores and build a relationship with them if you plan on going there long term. The value of this position and how it can streamline the process of delivering information can’t be understated.

Energy Sciences

Energy sciences are currently hiring engineers who can work online if they are qualified for the job. In the US as well as all over the world Carbon Dioxide emissions are a big deal and impacting the world. The people who live in this country are responsible for finding solutions so that the next generation is able to enjoy this world the same way we did. You have to be adept in chemical research and know the problems that are currently happening in the ecosystem. If we are already striving to make technology more eco-friendly, your job will be to improve it.

One of the biggest challenges of this job is the fact there has to be a balance for making our country a cleaner place to live. Telling everyone that they won’t be able to drive their cars for the sake of the environment isn’t realistic and would become a major inconvenience to daily life. Clean energy exists, but there needs to be ways so that the middle-class is able to afford it because it currently can’t. This is by no means an easy job, but if you are good at it, you could end up making a real impact.

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