4 Free Online Job Resources to Try in 2023

4 Free Online Job Resources to Try in 2023

Choosing the right career path can be a difficult decision for many. Even if you know exactly what you want to do, it is not always easy to find employment in your area. 

If you find yourself struggling with career decisions, there are many online resources available to help. 

Many job seekers are skeptical about using online resources because many of them offer limited help while charging expensive fees. However, there are many legitimate websites with free resources available.


Indeed is one of the most popular career websites because it has a focus on so many areas. 

The website is primarily known for  job listings, but there are also helpful articles which contain career advice. Some of the articles focus on picking a suitable career based on your education and interests, while others help you craft a great resume or cover letter. 

You can even find articles about more niche subjects, such as relocating, seeking out additional certification and how to apply for maternity leave.


Another great online resource is HowToBecome. As the name implies, the website contains information on how to pursue practically every career imaginable. 

The website not only provides you with what training and education may be required for the job, but a detailed breakdown of your expected salary and the prospects of getting promoted. It also goes over how in-demand your career is. 

Another helpful feature is a school-finder, which lets you search for colleges based on career option and degree level.

Motivational Appraisal of Personal Potential (MAPP) Career Test

MAPP is similar to another career aptitude test, the Myers Brigg, but MAPP is entirely free. 

The test consists of 70 questions. Instead of directly answering the questions, you are provided with several choices that you rank based on preference. 

The test can help you discover which jobs most interest you, the type of work you may be best suited to perform, and how well you collaborate with a team. It also highlights some of your mathematical and language capabilities. 

Once you complete the list, you are provided with a breakdown of possible careers based on your answers.


If you already know what career you want but are having trouble finding a job, ZipRecruiter can be an excellent resource. 

Once you create a free account, you can search through thousands of job listings in your state. ZipRecruiter allows you to search for specific careers, as well as look for jobs based on salary and location. 

You can also set up automatic alerts to notify you when a new listing in your career field is posted.

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