How to Turn a Temp Position Into a Full-Time Job

How to Turn a Temp Position Into a Full-Time Job

McKinsey Global Institute has been on record in the past, suggesting that 58% of employers in the U.S. are focused on hiring more part-time, contract, or temporary (temp) workers. After the COVID-19 pandemic struck, 58% now looks like an overly conservative figure. While there are still employers willing to hire currently and in the future, permanent (perm) job positions are more elusive now than ever before.

In the current pandemic characterized by an economic downturn, temporary workers are more appealing to employers for obvious reasons. However, temp jobs also benefit workers. Getting a temp job is a great way to “test the waters” and see if you’d love to work in an organization. It’s also a chance to prove yourself. Given temporary positions can turn permanent if a worker proves themselves, you have every reason to take advantage of the position that presents itself today, even if it is temporary.

If you care to know precisely how to turn a temp position into a full time job, here’s what you should do.

1. Do your homework

Some temp positions can never be permanent. So, it pays to assess the possibility of ever getting a full time job. You can start by understanding the temporary to permanent employment rules, temp to perm disadvantages and more. You should also research an organization’s history, current financial position, culture, and more to weigh the probability of your temp position turning into permanent employment. If there is no chance or the odds are too low, it’s advisable to look for a temp position elsewhere.

2. Develop the right mindset

Renowned self-help author, Napoleon Hill has expressly discussed the importance of having the right mindset if you ever want to succeed in anything. In his book, Think & Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill discusses mindset as a key factor when seeking any favorable breakthrough in life. He explicitly talks about developing traits like enthusiasm to attract new opportunities in life.

To turn a temp position into a full time job, you must embrace the temp position as your gateway to better things. You should give the position the seriousness it deserves since failing as a temp is inexcusable. You should aim to be punctual at all times, deliver the best possible work, communicate effectively, be 100% reliable, and give anything else you would as a permanent worker. 

You need to have the mindset of a serious full-time worker to increase your odds of being hired permanently. If a full-time worker is expected to work late, you should take your temp role ready to do the same.

3. Go the extra mile

If you develop the right mindset, you shouldn’t have a problem going the extra mile. There’s always a way to continually prove your value. Offering incremental value is one of the best ways of turning your temp to perm position. You can start by helping other employees in any way. Helping others achieve their goals is as crucial as achieving your own goals. Ideally, you should purpose to do more than you are paid for to justify why you should get hired permanently. Going the extra mile is important when you wish to get noticed. If you just do what you are paid for or the bare minimum, you’ll have no justification for asking for a promotion.

This tip is the best way to make yourself indispensable. While it may seem obvious, most temporary workers do just enough work. They don’t put in late nights or go out of their way to assist others. The goal is to make the jobs of those you work for incredibly easy that they can’t stand the thought of losing you. Even if the company has strict policies on temporary positions, the rules can be bent for you if you make yourself indispensable.

Do everything in your power, including asking for more work, helping co-workers, showing interest in related work, furthering your skills/education, etc. Most importantly, focus on critical tasks that most people hate doing. It also helps to take some workload from your supervisor to the point that they’ll go out of their way for you to get hired.

4. Focus on building relationships

As you work, don’t forget to build relationships. Going the extra mile won’t mean much if you don’t form meaningful relationships, especially with the persons who play both direct and indirect roles in regard to hiring. Building relationships is as easy as purposing to greet your co-workers on a daily basis. You should also spend a few minutes daily knowing how your co-workers are. You will learn a lot by implementing this tip.

Building relationships also boosts visibility. Your colleagues are your ambassadors. They have the potential to put in a good word for you directly or indirectly. A good temp can’t go unnoticed if they are visible and go the extra mile. You’ll also gain priceless information on where opportunities are within the company, who makes the decisions, among other important insider information.

5. Do your time, then ask for the job

While there’s nothing wrong in asking for a position you want, interest should be expressed after putting in the work. Many temporary employees are eager to get hired permanently right away. You should be patient and put in the work before you ask for a full time position. Your employer shouldn’t have any doubts about your capability when you finally ask for the job.

You should give subtle hints when you start getting commended about your work. It’s easier to ask when your value is evident. Most importantly, find out whatever it takes to be hired full time and ensure you meet those requirements before making your wishes known. You can express your interest initially when you are being hired temporarily, then ask once you feel you have proved yourself, and your supervisor and co-workers have commended you. Remember, there is a very “thin line” between being direct/confident and coming out as aggressive and pushy.

While there’s more to turning a temp job into a perm job, the above tips are adequate. If your permanent job search isn’t fruitful, you can use temp to perm agencies to find temp jobs then implement the above information. Converting temporary employees to permanent employees is easy if with the right information.

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