Learn How to Make $20/Hour or More From Home

Need a well-paying job ASAP? Here are five work-from-home jobs you can get quickly — and some do not even require experience! Work from home part time jobs and full-time positions are becoming more common, and many of these do not require special skills or formal education. Here are 5 of the best ways you can make money from home.

If you have an eye for details, you can earn between $10-$20 an hour, or up to $40,000 a year on average doing data entry. Data entry positions typically only require a high school diploma, typing skills, and reading and writing ability. Still, you will need to have an internet-connected computer to do the job.

Earn Money From Home With Data Entry
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Data entry companies list several different types of positions. Most employers are in the education, accounting and government industries. When doing data entry, you will most likely have to update databases. This requires some attention to detail. Good skills and traits that a data entry worker should have include: organization skills, typing ability and commitment to confidentiality, as customer or patient entry must be private.

For instance, a bookkeeper’s tasks can include recording daily sales transactions into an accounting system for an auditor to review and process.

Most data entry jobs allow you to choose your own hours. To find a full- or part-time position, check LinkedIn data entry jobs for companies looking for a remote employee. You should be able to apply through the LinkedIn website or a similar job board website.

If you are looking for a gig-based job, look at Upwork data entry jobs for one-time projects. This will allow you to have more flexibility in your schedule.

Transcription is similar to data entry but requires more skill and talent. A home-based transcription position may involve listening to audio and typing the contents into a script. If you are better at listening and typing than doing meticulous data entry, the next job may be a better fit for you. 

Since you can choose your own hours, a data entry job is also a good idea as a side job to earn extra income. Before you take on a job in data entry or especially transcription, make sure your typing skills are up to speed. You may consider taking a typing course or trying some typing exercises to make sure you meet the recommended word-per-minute requirements. It is also good to have general computer skills and experience.

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