High-Paying Sales Jobs

High-Paying Sales Jobs

If you thrive in a sales environment and have a talent for closing deals, you may be interested in applying for lucrative, high paying sales jobs. Many of which may offer bonuses and incentives such as performance based bonuses, health insurance, stock options and commission. 

As there are a wide variety of sales jobs in different industries to consider, simply continue reading to discover some of the top high paying sales jobs in the United States. In order to select the right career path for your work experience, qualifications and skills. 

Real Estate Agent

In the United States the average real estate agent earns a base salary of $82,107 a year. So if you’re searching for sales jobs that pay a competitive salary and which will allow you the flexibility to choose your own work schedule, you may want to consider becoming a real estate agent. 

Better yet, once you have experience as a real estate agent you’ll be able to apply for a position at a top real estate firm where you’ll be able to earn between $100,000 and $150,000 per year before taking commissions into account.

As a new real estate agent your daily tasks will consist of finding potential buyers for residential and commercial properties and matching interested property hunters with properties which meet their unique specifications. If you’re interested in applying to become professional real estate agent, it’s well worth learning how to use WordPress and Google Ads in order to effectively market the properties which you list online.

Car Sales Executive

If you have an interest in cars, it’s well worth considering searching for a job as a car salesman or woman. According to recent statistics, the average car sales jobs pay a base salary of around $117,976 per year. With most car sales executives earning between $101,300 and $140,059 per year. Keep in mind that you’ll be able to earn commission on your sales to supplement your base income.

Some key factors which can affect your salary as a car sales executive include your qualifications and experience as well as which state you live in. Although if you’re passionate about cars and are a strong salesman you won’t have any trouble earning large commissions on the cars which you sell. Especially if you choose to work at a car yard which primarily sells brand new cars.

One of the key benefits of opting to become a car sales executive is that if you’ll receive all the training and knowledge which you require on the job. So if you’re currently unable to quote key facts about different car models, it’s still worth considering becoming a car sales executive. One key skill which you’ll need to learn is how to match each customer with the right model for their needs and budget.

Pharmaceutical Sales Representative

If you’re interested in working in the growing healthcare sector and have sales experience, you may want to apply for pharmaceutical sales jobs. The average pharmaceutical sales representative takes home a base salary of $79.605 per year as well as around $20,000 in commission each year. In total the average pharmaceutical sales representative can expect to earn around $100,000 per year, without a medical degree. Furthermore, the top medical sales jobs offer salaries of around $112,000 to $139,904 per year.

As a sales representative for a large pharmaceutical company your daily tasks will involve teaching doctors, pharmacists and consumers about different pharmaceutical products. If you enjoy traveling you’ll be well suited to working for a pharmaceutical company as you’ll often travel to different hospitals and medical facilities to teach medical practitioners about the advantages of your company’s products.

Account Manager

As an account manager you’ll be responsible for actively managing the relationship between your business and its customers. One of your key roles will be figuring out your customers needs and how your company can better meet its customers needs. If you become an account manager, one of your top priorities will be fostering long term professional relationships with different clients.

If you’re interested in applying for a role which will give you the opportunity to work with other individuals as part of a strong, cohesive team, you’re well suited to becoming an account manager. As account managers typically work with sales and marketing staff and customer service assistants.

In the United States the average account manager will take home $62,929 per year as a base salary and will also earn $12,000 in performance based cash bonuses and $15,000 in commission per year. Some of the additional perks which account managers often enjoy include life insurance policies and stock options. So if you’re searching for sales jobs near me you may be interested in becoming an account manager.

Software Sales Representative

As a sales consultant for a software firm you can expect to earn an annual salary of $61,805. Although the top software sales representatives often earn around $80,000 to $118,000 per year. If you have an interest in technology, you may be ideally suited to work as a professional software sales representative. Especially as you can earn performance bonuses and commission as a software sales representative. In order to increase your commissions you’ll need to be able to match businesses with the right software programs in order to keep your clients satisfied. 

If you choose to become a software sales representative your daily tasks will include teaching businesses about your company’s products and giving managers live demonstrations of your software. To show businesses how they can integrate your business’ software applications into their business’ operations in order to help their business grow. However, it’s likely that you’ll spend the bulk of your working day at your desk calling potential leads to promote your business’ software. 

So if you enjoy the thrill of chasing lucrative sales and have the confidence to pursue a career in sales, it’s well worth applying for some of the lucrative sales positions which have been outlined above. Especially if you love the idea of taking home performance based bonuses and commission as well as a competitive salary which will help you take control of your financial future.

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