10 High-Paying Remote Jobs for 2024

Could the daily commute to work become a thing of the past? According to a 2023 Owl Labs survey, roughly 63% of workers stated that remote work was the most important aspect of their job, which was more than salary (61%), flexible schedules (55%), work-life boundaries (54%), and having a good boss (48%). In this new post-pandemic world, the opportunities to work remotely are endless

Some types of jobs have always been remote. Others, which were never traditionally remote, can now transition to this new style of business with the help of technology. What all of these new opportunities have in common: You can make a full-time salary, by working from home. Check out some of the hottest new career opportunities that you can pursue while working from your couch. 

Great Communicator? Work in Customer Service or Sales!
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Customer Service & Call Center Agent: Many companies have remote customer service and sales employees, whether they are in-house or outsourced. In-house customer service representatives are employees who are employed directly by the company. When a company outsources their customer service department, this means they hire separate call centers to provide the customer service for them.

So, there are plenty of ways to be hired as a work-from-home customer service representative. As a remote customer service representative, you can earn between $16 and $22 per hour, depending on your level of experience and where the company is based. Also, the only qualification necessary is oftentimes to have a high school diploma. 

As a customer service representative at a call center or for a specific company, you will handle customer inquiries and questions, and help resolve issues. As you work from home, you may: 

  • Talk to customers on the phone, 
  • Help customers via chat software, or 
  • Respond to customer social media messages. 

Inbound and Outbound Sales: If you are a great people-person, and communication is one of your strongest attributes, you may be a great candidate for an inbound or outbound sales position . 

These employees focus on generating new business through customer outreach. This role, centered around communication and persuasion, is well-suited for remote work, allowing for a flexible schedule and independence.

All you usually just need is a high school diploma, and you can start working your way towards a salary that often sits between $42,000 and $55,000 a year.  

While working an inbound sales job, you will respond to leads, which is when a potential customer reaches out to your company or the company you are assigned to, to inquire about a service or product. 

So, in this position, it’s your job to make sure the customer learns everything they want to know, and with your help they will hopefully make a purchase.

As an outbound sales representative, it’s up to you to reach out and find new leads, or potential customers. By seeking out potential customers, you can activate your best sales-person skills and hopefully sell your employer’s service or product.

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Updated on 01/30/2024