Easy Jobs You Can Do on the Weekends

Easy Jobs You Can Do on the Weekends

If you want to get ahead in life and to take control of your financial future, you may be interested in applying for weekend only jobs in order to supplement your current income. So that you’ll be able to save more money towards your retirement, pay off your home or to afford luxury items and regular vacations. 

To discover a few simple yet lucrative jobs which you can complete in the weekends, simply continue reading. As you’ll be surprised at the variety of weekend jobs which are on offer. Some of which offer flexible hours and involve working from home. 

1. Taking Surveys for Money

It’s well worth signing up to several survey websites in order to take short surveys for cash. As a wide variety of companies are willing to pay everyday individuals such as yourself to provide honest feedback about their brand image as well as their products and services. One day you may be asked to give your opinion on different alcohol brands, while the next day you may fill out a survey about your internet provider or your insurance company. 

One of the key benefits of taking surveys for money in the weekends is that the process of taking online surveys is simple and straight forward. So you’ll be able to complete surveys while you’re lying in bed or sitting on your sofa. In fact, in many cases you’ll be able to fill out surveys on your smart phone or tablet, instead of on your laptop. 

From time to time you may also be invited to take part in exclusive panels, which offer a competitive pay rate. Especially if you’re required to speak to an interviewer via a video messaging app. 

2. Mystery Shopping

If you’re currently researching part time weekend jobs, you may be thrilled to learn that you can actually get paid to shop at local stores as a mystery shopper. As an example you may be paid to visit an electronics store and to purchase a particular item. 

Once you get home, you’ll be required to fill out an online form about each aspect of your shopping experience. Such as the customer service which you received, how easy it was to find your product and how clean the store was.

Many businesses hire a firm to send mystery shoppers to their store to find out how well their businesses are being managed. Especially as their staff members may be extra polite if they know that they’re being assessed but won’t have any idea that you’re a mystery shopper and will treat you like an average customer. 

Lastly keep in mind that not only do you get paid cash for being a mystery shopper but in most instances you get to keep the item that you’ve purchased. 

3. Taking Care of Children

While you may associate babysitting jobs with high school students or college students, weekend babysitting jobs pay a competitive hourly rate. Especially if you’re a mature, professional adult who boasts previous child care experience.

As many parents are willing to pay high hourly rates to ensure that their children are well taken care of and that their guidelines are followed properly. For example, some parents may ask you to take their children to their sports matches or to prepare healthy nutritious meals for their children. 

When applying for weekend work as a babysitter, ensure to provide your prospective employers with a list of skills which may benefit their children. As examples, you may be an experienced swimmer or tennis player who can teach their children how to swim or play tennis.

You may also be able to teach their children how to play a specific musical instrument or how to speak a foreign language. As not only will your application stand out from your competition but you may be offered a higher pay rate if you can prove that you boast a valuable skillset. 

4. Freelancing

If you’re keen to work at the weekend, it’s well worth freelancing from the comfort of your own home. As you can use your unique set of skills to supplement your income. For example, if you have coding experience and are able to create attractive, functional websites you may want to market your skills as a professional web designer.

Alternatively, if you have an artistic side you may want to learn how to create eye catching professional logos for businesses as a freelance graphic designer. Other options include becoming an online translator, copy editor or writer. 

5. Teaching English

If you’re searching for the easiest high paying jobs, definitely consider applying to become an online English tutor. The only requirement which most online platforms ask for is an entry level degree. As an online English tutor you’ll be able to choose your students and host English language classes over a video messaging platform. If you manage to earn positive reviews from satisfied students you should have no difficulty attracting regular, high paying students from around the world. 

One of the benefits of being an online English tutor is that no matter what time of day it is, there are students around the world who want to learn how to speak English. However, you may be interested in taking on students who live in your city for face to face classes as well as teaching online students. 

6. Driving for a Rideshare Company

If you own your own car and are interested in one day weekend jobs and want to be able to set your own hours, you may be interested in becoming a driver for a ride sharing app such as Uber or Lyft. As you’ll have the freedom and flexibility to choose which days and weekends that you’d like to work and which days and weekends you’d like to have off. For example, if you are free on Saturday and want to spend time with your friends and family members on Sunday, you’ll be free to sign into your chosen ride sharing app on Saturday for a full day of work. 

If you genuinely enjoy driving and interacting with people, it’s a wise idea to sign up for accounts with two ride sharing apps. To ensure that you’ll be able to accumulate as many rides as possible in order to maximise your earning potential. As the less time that you spend waiting for rides, the more money you’ll earn. It’s also well worth testing out

7. Delivering Meals or Groceries

If you’d prefer to have little contact with customers, you may be ideally suited to working for a food delivery service app. As in recent years food delivery apps such as UberEats have taken the country by storm as people appreciate the convenience of being able to order food from their favorite eateries to their front door. Depending on the food delivery service which you choose to work for, your customers may have the option of giving you a tip if they are pleased with your service. So ensure to complete your orders as efficiently as possible and to provide excellent customer service. 

If you’re keen on working a part time, weekend job with a major food delivery app, it’s a great idea to work at lunch time and dinner time, when you’re likely to receive a multitude of orders. It’s also worth testing out delivery food in different areas each weekend in order to find areas to work in that offer plenty of consistent orders. 

8. Event Photography

If you own a professional camera and have a talent for photography which you’re interested in developing further, it’s a smart idea to develop a side hustle as an event photographer. As the vast majority of events such as weddings, corporate events, birthday parties, baby showers and graduation parties take place in the weekend. In order to attract clients it’s a wise idea to start building a portfolio of professional images that will give prospective clients a fair idea of your style as a photographer. 

One of the best ways to gather enough images to create a professional portfolio is to take free photos at a few events, which will also help you build a reputation as a talented, trust worthy photographer. 

9. Yard Work

If you’re looking for good weekend jobs, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the number of individuals in your area who are willing to pay good money for someone to take care of their yard work.

As long as you’re reasonably fit and aren’t afraid of a bit of outdoor work, you’ll be able to supplement your income by mowing lawns, weeding, pruning and planting. Due to the fact that modern day life is incredibly fast paced and most individuals simply don’t have the time to manage their yard work but still want to be able to enjoy their outdoor areas.

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